Reclaim Your Freedom and Independence

It’s oxygen therapy on your terms.

What have you given up since you started oxygen therapy? Where would you like to go, what would you like to do? With the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator, almost anything is possible. The Inogen oxygen concentrator is truly Oxygen. Anytime. Anywhere. Head home when you want to, not when your oxygen tank gauge says you have to.

The new Inogen One G2 delivers the independence of our original oxygen concentrator, but it’s smaller, lighter, and makes more oxygen with a longer battery life. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why anyone would use something else.

If you haven’t seen the Inogen concentrator, then you haven’t seen anything like it.

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Replace your current oxygen devices with the new technology of the Inogen One. Switching to the Inogen One is easy. We handle all the paperwork and work directly with your physician, Medicare, and your insurance company to make sure the Inogen One is right for you.

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